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Gregg Olson's Unwritten Rules of Baseball

After Twins players were upset about an Orioles bunt in the 9th inning, Gregg Olson tweeted, "Know the unwritten rules of baseball!"

Olson posted his "Unwritten Rule #1" that the "no bunting" was voided when the shift is on. During the remaining days of April 2018, he posted 29 unwritten rules of baseball. We could not be more pleased!


We strongly recommend following @GreggOlson30 for great baseball commentary throughout the year.

Unwritten baseball rule #1 
There is no bunting for a hit in the 9th inning (only 9th). If the shift is deployed, then this rule is void.

Unwritten baseball rule #2
Thou shall not say "No hitter" in the midst of a no hitter.

Really becomes taboo after the 5th inning when you start to see teammates avoiding said pitcher like the plague.


Unwritten baseball rule #3
If you hit one of mine, I hit an equal or greater one of yours.

See Exodus 21:23-24.

Unwritten baseball rule #4
Unless you are the pitcher, do not set foot on the mound.


Unwritten baseball rule #5
Do not make the first or third out at 3rd. 

Yer already in scoring position, don't be greedy.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #6 
(pertains to how to handle being the victim of rule #3)
If you are hit intentionally, after your pitcher hit 1 of theirs OR you have an idiot who showboats a HR, don't start a fight. Just run down to 1st base, take 1 for the team.

See Matthew 5:38-42.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #7
Do not run up the score on an opponent.

This means halting all stolen bases, it does not mean to stop hitting/pitching/playing defense. "Calling off the dogs" happens at the manager's discretion. EVERYONE has a different threshold.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #8

Stealing signs is OK, just don't get caught. 

Some books say sign stealing is taboo but it's not. If your signs are easy enuf to steal, it's YOUR fault. If you get caught sign stealing, someone gets hit. If you get caught, it's YOUR fault. Get it?

Unwritten Baseball Rule #9
Do NOT stand in the home plate circle (Dirt area surrounding home plate) when a pitcher is warming up!

Do not even get w/in 10 feet of said circle. You may get hit during warmups if you are on the dirt (it's a free shot).

Unwritten Baseball Rule #10
Nothing that happens in the clubhouse, leaves the clubhouse.

These signs are posted in every clubhouse. "What you see here, what you hear here, what happens here, STAYS HERE!"

Unwritten Baseball Rule #11
Do not show up the other team or a player.

This means admiring HR's, doing happy dances after K's. Act like you've done it before.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #12
If your pitcher gives up a bomb (long HR), make an effort to appear like you are trying to chase it down. Don't just stand there and watch it fly over your head.

Thought of this as I watched Puig last night.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #13.

Don't touch other people's stuff.

Do not try on someone else's glove. Do not mess with people's personal clothes, game spikes etc.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #14
Do not eat (meals) or drink (alcohol) during the game. The alcohol part seems obvious.

That's a big NO-NO. Don't eat during the game - take care of your business before the game. No one wants to see you eating a sandwich in the 5th inning (snacks OK).

Unwritten Baseball Rule #15
Under no circumstances are you to ever try to injure an opponent.

No matter what has happened, NOTHING is worth jeopardizing another player's career.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #16
Honor other's superstitions. Do not mess with peoples superstitions.

You don't have to agree with them but don't mess with them.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #17
Do not play catch on the infield, any part of it. Warmups or catch is done in the OF or near the dugout.

This one is truly unwritten. You will never hear it discussed but all baseball people know it.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #18
In an earlier rule, I said stealing signs was allowed. BUT, do not peek in to the catcher's signs if you are hitting. Do not even try to see where he is set up. 

This will result in an immediate HBP.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #19
Always take a strike in the 9th inning until the tying run comes to the plate. 

I hate seeing a guy trying to hit a 5 run HR on the first pitch.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #20
There is no stealing on 3-0 counts. 

I didn't know this one but Verlander says it's a rule, so it's a rule.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #21
Rookies are to be seen, not heard. 

This game owes you nothing.  Don't act like you've been there cuz you haven't. No one is entitled to be a Big Leaguer.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #22
Rookies don't pay for anything. 

No one wants to hear them but like them or not, some vet took care of you. Pass it on.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #23
As a pitcher that is getting pulled from the game, always HAND the ball to your manager while you wait for him ON the mound.


Unwritten Baseball Rule #24
As a coach that has to cross the field to get to his coaches box, don't run across the field to get to your position. 

Run behind the catcher and umpire. And DON'T hold up the inning because you're late.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #25
From Tim Leary:

Don't not swing so hard that you fall down (literally) or fall across home plate.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #26
Do not look at the umpire for an explanation of a ball or strike. 

Bad things happen, man. Bad things.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #27
(This has been heavily suggested) Do not step on the chalk.

You will see all kinds of non chalk steppers; the stride overs, the hop overs and the defiers. The Defiers step on the chalk just to freak everyone out.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #28
No matter how bad you pitched, a pitcher MUST stay in the dugout until the inning ends.

You have to wait to snap.

Unwritten Baseball Rule #29
Respect the game. Respect your elders. Respect your coaches. Respect your opponents.

Bottom line is, this game has been played for 140 years (Let that sink in). The game will be played with or w/out you tomorrow.

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