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Gametime Announcer Makes Our Games Better

We use smartphones for evaluating players’ swings with Coach’s Eye, scoring the game with Gamechanger and iScore, swing and pitch analyzers with SwingTrack and PitchTrack but one app we can’t do without is Gametime Announcer. That app makes a drastic difference to our games for everyone there.

GA has a LIST of WALKUP SONG suggestions on their site that’s very helpful.

Our players love walking up to the plate with their pre-selected walkup song. Fans and scouts at our games appreciate the players name, position and number announced as they step into the box. The opposing team loves that we announce their players names and numbers. And the music between innings makes being at the ballpark even more fun.

We use a large bluetooth speaker (JBL XTreme) which gives us a good balance between portability and loudness.

When at a ballpark with a sound system, we can just plug the iPad into their system and it sounds even better.

There are three versions of Gametime Announcer: Wiffle BallTravel Team and Ballpark. Travel team is great if you only want to announce your own team, but we use Ballpark version so we can announce both teams. The Wiffle Ball version is free but limits you to 4 players per team so you can check out all the features.

Our games are better because of Gametime Announcer. Our fans, our players and our opposing teams all agree.

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