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How To Break In Your Glove

Breaking in a new glove is work but the worst thing is being at practice with the ball popping out of your glove because it's too new.


Don't take shortcuts: work the glove as we show below and play lots of catch!


The best in the business at breaking in gloves is Aso Shigeaki, aka Glove Guro, from Wilson Sporting Goods. Learn from  him and you will be just fine.


What you need to get started:

  • Mallet or coated dumbbell

  • Small tub or bucket with water at 150° - 175° fahrenheit

  • Cup to pour water

  • Baseball for infielder glove or 11" softball for outfielder glove (even better if weighted ball)

  • Soft pad to protect floor and glove

KC’s Lorenzo Cain and Glove Guru Aso

WATCH Brandon BE amazed by aso

The Steps:
  • Wet Glove – work it 25 minutes

  • Rest glove 40 minutes

  • Wet Glove – work it 25 minutes

  • Rest glove 40 minutes

  • Work it 25 minutes

  • Let glove dry overnight

  • Work it 25 minutes

But first, watch both videos below to understand Aso's technique and process.

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Aso's Secret to breaking in a new glove

Consider using a yoga mat with a carpet scrap as your working surface.

Don't forget the last video below

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differenceS between

infielder and outfielder

Don’t take shortcuts: work the glove and play lots of catch!

Glove Guru Aso

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